Why Am I Losing Inches But Weight?

You Can Lose Inches Without Losing Weight

Stand on the scale can give you the most nervous moments. What if I didn’t loss weight?


Or do I can lose weight?


It’s the moment when you get the sentence – have you made it, or not?




Heavy or big bones?

The extent of muscle and bone tissue changes is little. Possibly individual has an enormous extent of fat in the body.

It is unreasonable to state that weight can increment because of bone development, since even a 10% change in the extent of bone tissue prompts an expansion in body weight by just 2-3 pounds.

In all actuality: in the event that you’ve dropped 3 inches yet 0.5 pound, it implies that your body is reacting to the exertion you’ve made and one thing you can plainly tell is that what you’ve dropped is for the most part fat. This is because fat loss is far more visible compared to muscle and water loss.


Truth be told: in the occasion that you’ve dropped 3 inches yet 0.5 pound, it infers that your body is responding to the effort you’ve made and one thing you can clearly tell is that what you’ve dropped is generally fat. This is on the grounds that fat misfortune is unquestionably progressively unmistakable contrasted with muscle and water misfortune. That is the reason on the off chance that you lose 1 fat pound and it’s significantly more noticeable than loss of 1 muscle pound.

That is the reason loss of fat gives you the most obvious outcome on your look, however your scale number doesn’t look as huge as loss of muscle and liquid.

An overwhelming weight preparing and cardio exercise to consume fat and with it there is an expansion in bulk.


There are two fantasies:

  • Myth 1: you can’t be fat and “fit as a fiddle” simultaneously”

Can. A person can eat right, exercise regularly, have normal indicators such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and still remain a little full.

More than that! Such a person will feel much better than someone who eats everything and does not get fat. This is the truth of life, accept it.

  • Myth 2: Exercise can be directed to a specific area of fat

The only way to get rid of fat in any part of the body is to lose weight. Total, please note, weight loss! There are no exercises that will get rid of fat only on your stomach. Or thighs. Or somewhere else.

The rule is only one. To get rid of extra pounds – you need to waste more calories than you consume. And this is only possible with proper nutrition and regular training.

Furthermore, indeed, in the event that you’ve been losing a ton of pounds however not the practically identical measure of inches, you may need to reevaluate about your methodology.


Consideration! It’s simpler for an individual who has numerous muscles to get in shape. Furthermore, if an individual began preparing and the arrow of the scales halted, it doesn’t imply that he quit shedding pounds and simply developing muscles. Loss of weight — regardless from muscle or fat — will give me a lower BMI, and a lower BMI means I’m healthier anyways. So why give a crap about it?

Lower BMI doesn’t mean you are healthier, it could mean you are sicker in certain situations.

The difference between muscle and fat is important. The visibility – lies deeply in how they make your body function.

  • Fat stores energy, kills your metabolism and leads to more fat. Muscles burn energy, boost your metabolism and burn fat.
  • Fat leads to inflammation which causes weight gain in return and is at the core of most diseases and symptoms in today’s world — including diabetics, heart diseases, sepsis, arthritis, obesity and cancer, etc.
  • Fat — through inflammation — causes negative thinking, stress, anxiety, depression and even impaired memory and everyday performance.
  • Fat — through messing with your hormones — leads you to insatiable hunger.
  • Fat makes you look flabby and weak. Muscle makes you look sharp and strong.


Functions of fat deposits

Fat is not a useless phenomenon, its critical level is a threat to health, so you need to take a responsible approach to the process of losing weight. The layer of fat protects the internal organs and creates an additional source of heat in the cold, which explains the decrease in metabolism in the winter, as the body tries to maintain fat reserves.

A 150 pound woman with 35% body fat is different from a 150 pound woman with 18% body fat on every level — from how they look, how they perform, how they feel, how they think, to how they live.


The lowest fat level threshold for a woman is 12 % and then you may start having problems with both appearance and femininity. Men can feel great with 5 % body fat. However, high percentage of fat also harms the body, as the likelihood of developing diabetes increases, energy decreases and metabolism slows down, and lethargy sets in.

Keep up with the great work! You are doing way better than a lot of people who are losing pounds, and you should really be healthy and happy.

Here’s an update: don’t generally confide in the scale. It doesn’t generally disclose to you anything about the elements of your body, which fat loss is reliant on.


Which do you CHOOSE?

It discourages more than encourages. And you might feel frustrated and give up the great thing you are doing.