Pros And Cons Of Drinking Coffee

Espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, Americano-these drinks have become an integral part of our daily life. The fact that they are based on coffee beans is known by millions of connoisseurs.

Many scientists say that coffee is not a safe drink, but agree that if you use it in moderation, it will not bring harm to health. According to scientists, 2-3 cups of flavored drink cannot have a negative impact on the body. Nutritionists recommend drinking 4-6 cups of coffee.


  • The drink contains the necessary natural antioxidants for the body.
  • It is able to prevent the formation of kidney stones and bile ducts.
  • Thanks to coffee, you can ease asthma attacks.
  • Flavored drink without sugar prevents the development of diabetes.
  • Current research reflects the benefits of the drink. They showed that drinking 4 cups of high-quality coffee a day significantly reduces the likelihood of senile dementia or completely protects against this disease. This pathology is also called senile dementia, Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Also, scientists have found that coffee does not increase the likelihood of developing disorders in the cardiovascular system, but on the contrary, reduces this risk. Increased urine output is good for the body. Removing water helps prevent hypertension. It turns out that coffee is a strong diuretic, and it is useful. The main thing is to remember to drink a glass of water after coffee, so that dehydration does not occur.
  • Natural and instant coffee is rich in potassium, so it is useful for the cardiovascular system, if you do not abuse the drink. Ground coffee contains more potassium.
  • Magnesium has a beneficial effect on human vascular tissues, contributing to the correct and timely expansion and narrowing of arteries. This is an undeniable plus of coffee.

Coffee must be drunk in moderation to get the benefit of it. It also depends on what kind of coffee you use black, with milk, instant coffee etc.

By the way, invigorating caffeine is found not only in coffee, but also in the seeds, nuts and leaves of a number of plants that grow in South America and East Asia, such as tea, cocoa, mate and the well-known Cola. It is synthesized by plants to protect against pests. And insects-pollinators, on the contrary, is produced in dependence on caffeine.



  • Heart disease may develop.
  • Increases cholesterol.
  • Provokes arthrosis.
  • Coffee contains acids and many elements that affect the stomach and the walls of the small intestine, causing a weakening of the body. For example, the acid is able to relax the sphincter food. The muscle prevents food from returning along the digestive chain. If this happens and the acids get to where they don’t belong, we feel heartburn.
  • Coffee is very quickly excreted from the body and provokes dehydration.
  • The drink harms the nervous system, which is under constant stimulation and is in a state of excitement. Against the background of stress, nerve cells can be depleted, which causes various failures.
  • Caffeine is used in cosmetology, but when used orally sometimes provokes early aging, all the fault of dehydration of tissues.
  • The problem of darkening the tooth enamel can be seen in those who take a long drink.


Does Coffee Make You Gain Weight?

No, if you don’t eat chocolate with it.

Caffeine makes a person more cheerful, while speeding up the metabolism, and reduces the feeling of hunger. This drink can be used as a good tool for weight loss. But it is not suitable for everyone. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the body. Some people have an increased appetite for coffee. To lose weight with coffee brought effect, you need a comprehensive approach. We must not forget that exercise and a low-calorie diet are mandatory.

In natural coffee without additives only 2 calories per 100 ml

For example, how many calories in coffee with milk?

Components Nutrient value (cal) Protein (g) Carbohydrates (g) Fat (g)
Coffee without sugar 2 0,2 0 0,3
Coffee with milk 58 0,7 1 11,2
Coffee with milk and sugar 113,7 2,4 2,7 19,9
Coffee with condensed milk and sugar 324 8,2 8,6 53


In the table, you can see that coffee with various additives has high calorie content.