What is kefir?

Kefir is a fermented milk product obtained by fermentation of cow’s milk. Live bacteria are used to obtain the desired consistency. This is an environmentally friendly bacterial additive, so the finished product contains useful micro-and macro-elements.

Kefir, which is a complete meal itself, is recommended by many nutritionists for inclusion in their daily diet. It contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, probiotics and nutrients that make kefir a super rich food and a must-have item in everyone’s diet. Kefir not only helps in weight loss, but also nourishes the entire body. It also has healing properties that repair damaged cells in the body and make our body internally stronger, so it helps to reduce weight.

Kefir is better than probiotic supplements because one capsule of artificial probiotics usually contains about 15 million beneficial bacteria. For comparison, one small glass of fresh kefir contains about 1.5 trillion beneficial bacteria. In probiotics, it’s all about numbers.

Regular use of kefir helps reduce BMI, lower waist circumference, and body fat. One of the reasons for this is the high protein contents in kefir. Protein helps you feel full for long periods of time and increase your body’s energy expenditure and make you eat less by controlling your mouth. Kefir is loaded with nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and a wide range of amino acids, the building blocks of protein that support optimal functioning of the body. Therefore, the useful elements contained in kefir can provide the body with the building blocks for restoring intestinal health. Kefir is one of cultured dairy products is suitable for AIP diet meal plan.

It is also an excellent source of tritophan, an amino acid that has a deep calming effect on the nervous system and promotes sound sleep. It means that the best time to take probiotics before bed. Kefir is rich in B vitamins; especially B1, B12, and Biotin, a coenzyme that helps digest carbohydrates as energy rather than storing them as fat. These vitamins help regulate the kidneys, liver, and nervous system and relieve skin diseases.


Losing weight for women is easier if you follow the Kefir diet…

There are a large amount of nutrients in dairy products. That is why kefir is suitable for daily use. Probiotics are bacteria that live in the human digestive tract. They help the absorption of essential substances and fight infection. There are about  2000 different bacteria in humans. Their proper operation affects the immune and digestive systems, as well as the condition of the skin. Kefir is one of milk product, which contains healthy origins probiotics.

You can significantly reduce your weight by including kefir in your 3 week diet system meal plan. Below is an example of daily use of kefir in the diet.


Breakfast: 1 Cup of kefir

Mid-day: Any fruit (Apple, banana, orange, pear, and others)

Lunch: 1/2 Chapatti + Sabzi + salad or sandwich OR chickpea or rajma salad with 2 slices of bread OR chili with oats and vegetables, or boiled potato salad (potatoes should be with the skin) or sandwich with lots of colored vegetables OR Brown rice and vegetables, mushrooms OR cheese.

Evening: green tea with peanuts or almonds or walnuts (the amount must be the size of a fist)

Dinner: boiled vegetables or soup or oats and milk.


Not only does kefir belong to dietary products. One of these is chicken fillet. Naturally, combining these two products would be a great idea. Chicken fillet in kefir is a delicious dietary dish that requires only a few products to prepare. This dish can become part of the diet of people who control body weight. The meat becomes soft, fragrant and very juicy. Kefir gives the chicken a slightly sour taste, which only improves the taste of the meat.

Minimum calories and maximum benefit — this is what we get by cooking chicken fillet according to this recipe.

List of ingredients:

Chicken fillet (2 PCs.)

Kefir (1 Cup)

Dried Basil (half a teaspoon)

Black pepper


Cut the chicken fillet and put it in a deep baking dish. Sprinkle the meat with dried Basil, black pepper and salt. Stir. Pour a glass of kefir into a baking dish and mix it thoroughly with the meat. The chicken should be completely immersed in kefir. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees. We will send our form there for 45-50 minutes. Done!!!



1) If you are beginner to taking kefir, start with 1/4 Cup, and then increase your amount to a full Cup and save it. Do this gradually over a period of time and take your time. Give a break for 1 day a week.

2) Do not forget that only low-fat dairy products can be used for weight loss. (Milk 1.5%, natural yogurt without additives 1.5%, cottage cheese 2%, sour cream 2% and kefir 1 %.)

3) Also, kefir is a powerful appetite suppressant, so it is suitable for snacking.

4) Needless to say, you should avoid processed foods, fried foods, sugar, and sweets, since no diet can work for you unless you remove them from your diet.

5) Follow this diet for 3 months and look for changes in your body!

6) Kefir not only helps in sf fat loss, but also completely nourishes your body, as it makes it internally stronger.

7) Regular exercise lasting 1 hour daily will work wonders with your health if you perform them.