Brazilian Diet


In the Brazilian series, and especially in the broadcasts of the famous carnivals held annually in Brazil, you can see what beautiful figures differ Brazilians. Their slim waist contrasts strongly with their full Breasts and rounded hips. To obtain such proportional forms, you must follow a specially balanced and very strict diet. It is on its basis that nutritionists have created an effective Brazilian diet that works by reducing the caloric content of food based mainly on protein products, vegetables and fruits.


Resorting to the help of the Brazilian diet, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • eat food at the same time;
  • do not change products, do not add anything other than what is prescribed;
  • drink at least 1.5 liters of water, as well as gulls and natural freshly brewed coffee without sweeteners;
  • the last meal should be no later than 18 hours;
  • On the two-week method, you will have five meals a day, on the week — three.


What and how we should eat?

Permitted products

The basis of the diet and the principle of Brazilian weight loss is the restriction of calories and the transition mainly to protein and vegetable food (useful vegetables and herbs):

  • meat and fish should be unfrozen, eggs-table dietary;
  • vegetables and greens from private farms that do not use nitrates or genetic modification technologies for growing them;
  • greens can be grown in vases on the balcony, choosing to your taste – buy in the supermarket seeds of parsley, dill, lettuce, arugula, spinach or cilantro, water regularly and soon you will have your own greens on the table every day.


What products are prohibited?

It is forbidden to use any products other than those permitted. Everything that stimulates the appetite is excluded from the diet, including spices, salt, and sugar.

Advantages of the “Brazilian diet” Any version of the” Brazilian diet ” provides a plumb 4-5 kg per week.

The diet consists of products that have a positive effect on health; the exclusion of harmful food allows you to improve your health. The advantages of the diet include a strictly regulated menu – you do not need to spend time on its preparation and counting calories in dishes.


Brazilian Diet Meal Plan

Meal Ideas For One Day

  • Breakfast Any of the permitted fruits to your taste, 200 ml. freshly squeezed fruit drink.
  • Second Breakfast 200 ml. citrus fresh, one loaf.
  • Lunch 100 g of steamed fish, 100 g of any allowed vegetables. High tea 100 g of boiled chicken breast, 100 g of vegetables.
  • Dinner: 100 ml of low-fat milk or 200 ml of fresh bread and toast.

If you want to lose weight quickly and without harm to your health, choose the Brazilian diet, which, despite significant restrictions in the diet, is more balanced than the rest. It eliminates avitaminosis and flabby skin, which are fraught with many other nutrition systems for weight loss. This makes it popular and in demand not only in the acting environment, but also among ordinary people.