5 The Most Famous Mono-Diets For Weight Reduction Diet?

How Is It The Mono-Diet?

The meaning monos in Greek assumes – one, only. The name is already clear, this is a diet based on the use of a certain product. Although, more and more often you can find options with some additives, for example, kefir is introduced to cereals. It is also possible to add a vegetable or greens to fermented milk products. In any case, one product is not enough, you will need additional liquids, mostly water. It is allowed to use tea, coffee, decoction of herbs, but without sugar.

Any mono-diet is a fractional power of the system. The main product should be divided into 5-7 meals, consumed in small portions at regular intervals. So you can deceive your stomach, defeat the feeling of hunger.


The advantages and disadvantages of mono-diet.

The main argument in favor of a diet for fast weight loss on a single product is the rapid loss of extra pounds, the release of tissue from stagnant fluid.

The advantage of the mono diet is that the weight is reduced quickly and the result is easily achieved psychologically. In addition, it is not difficult to choose a diet product that you love.

If you choose a product with a detoxification effect-rice, oatmeal, kefir, most vegetables and fruits, then you can actually release the body from accumulated harmful substances along the way.

Monodiets for weight loss are often criticized, but if certain rules are followed, they have


  • achieving a quick effect fat deposits melt before your eyes;
  • simplicity of the mono diet you don’t have to cook much;
  • the ability to choose the type of mono diet to your liking;
  •  budget-you will need a minimum of products;
  • an additional bonus is a high-quality cleansing of the body.


Types of mono-diet:

Common types of one-component diets are divided into groups: vegetable, fruit, protein, and carbohydrate.

On the one-component diet, on the one hand, the body is sharply deprived of many vital substances, and on the other-is oversaturated with the only one that soon ceases to be absorbed. With mono-diets, it takes more energy to digest one type of product than it can give. The effectiveness of a single-component diet, from a medical point of view, is based on this feature of digestion.





Mono-diet kefir

You can adhere to a restrictive diet on a fermented milk product for no more than 7 days.

The loss of body weight in a week is 2 to 3 kg.

After one course, you must take a break for at least one or two months. Kefir mono diet for 7 days, basic rules:

Menu: 1-1. 5 liters of kefir. The daily volume is divided into 5-6 receptions at the same intervals. The feeling of hunger will be less if you do not drink kefir, but eat it with a small spoon.

Kefir is chosen with a small percentage of fat. You can not buy a completely low-fat fermented milk drink, 1% kefir is ideal.

Observe the drinking regime, drink from 1.5 to 2.5 liters of liquid per day, depending on individual needs, the time of year. The interval between the use of kefir and additional liquid should be at least one hour.



This mono diet is considered one of the most delicious, low-calorie and heavy. The duration of the diet is from 1 to 3 days, during this time it takes about two kilograms of excess weight. The mono diet is very rigid, suitable only for young or Mature people with perfect health. It is allowed to carry out a no chocolate diet more than once a year. Rules of the chocolate monodiet:

Menu: dark chocolate-100 grams per day, black coffee without sugar. The tile is divided into portions of 20 grams to distribute over 5 receptions.

Natural coffee is drunk only for Breakfast and lunch, so as not to provoke overexcitation of the Central nervous system with a large dose of caffeine.

Drink at least two liters of water a day.



Oatmeal is rich in most of the nutrients necessary for the body to function properly. On oatmeal, you can stay healthy for 3 to 7 days with a loss of about 5-6 extra pounds. The main rule mono the cereal:

Menu: oatmeal porridge in the amount of 1-1. 5 kg per day.

The daily volume is divided into 5-6 portions of 200-250 grams.

The last meal should be 4 hours before bedtime.

Prepare porridge on water, it can not be filled with oil, sugar, salt and other food additives.

Choose oatmeal, it has a greater nutritional value in comparison with processed oatmeal.

Drink a daily rate of liquid from 1.5 to 2 liters of clean drinking water.




This cereal has a pleasant taste, high nutritional value, so it saturates quickly and permanently. Rice is a favorite component of restrictive nutrition among nutritionists around the world for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, salts, and other harmful substances from the body.

Due to its unique qualities, rice allows you to lose 4-10 pounds extra (depending on the duration of the diet) and simultaneously cleanse the body.


Rules Of Mono:

So that the forecast is only half true (and only for the first one!), having decided on a mono diet, it is necessary to follow a number of simple rules:

  1. The most important rule is compliance with the measure. A mono diet that lasts less than two days is a waste of time. It would be more correct to call such a “feat” on your part just a day off. It has its positive aspects, but the extra pounds will not disappear from it. The optimal period is 4 days, the maximum is a week. If you indulge in food austerity for more than 7 days, serious and risky endocrine changes can begin to occur in the body, which is very dangerous.
  2. Don’t overeat! People who experience monodiet for the first time always think the same way. They believe that if the food diet is reduced to a single product, such as kefir, then you can drink as much kefir as you want. And there is a common picture: on the first day, 4 liters of kefir is drunk, on the second – already 2, and on the third it already does not go down the throat. Of course, this is wrong and harmful. The product must be limited in quantity! If kefir, then no more than 1.5 liters per day, if bananas or other fruits-about 1 kg. If we are talking about cereals, then the standard 3-4 servings daily.
  3. Choose only the product you like for the mono diet. Of course, we are not talking about cognac or Bavarian smoked sausages – there is a reasonable limit to everything, but what you will eat for a few days should be more or less to your taste. Otherwise, there will be no effect.
  4. In Addition, the product must “fit into the framework” of proper nutrition. Vegetables, eggs, white chicken meat, dairy products and fruits, fresh juices are perfect for a mono diet, while any canned food, sweets, coffee, kebabs, beer and similar dishes are clearly not suitable. 5 the Daily amount of food should be divided in such a way that equal portions are eaten approximately every 3-4 hours during the waking period. Between meals, you can drink as much water as you want with mono-diets. Better-mineral and room temperature.


Before you lose weight by emergency methods, reduce the caloric content of food, refuse food that provokes weight gain. When leaving the mono diet, gradually increase the caloric content of the diet by about 100-150 kcal twice a week. Introduce new products gradually.

This way you will avoid digestive problems. Having achieved the desired slimness, do not pounce on cakes and chips, otherwise the lost weight will return.