20 Simple Habits That Will Help You Losse Weight


Что вы делаете, чтобы похудеть, просто не подходит вам? Хотя вы думаете, что это неправильно? Вот несколько интересных стратегий. Это должно быть сделано сразу. Посмотрите, что работает лучше для вас. Чтобы сделать попытку, вы можете написать нам один или два комментария о том, что работает для вас.

20 простых привычек, которые помогут вам похудеть

 Чтобы попытаться изменить только некоторые предпочтения в еде. Вам не нужно реализовывать их все сразу. Попробуйте сначала изменить одну вещь, следите за своим телом: как он реагирует. Затем войдите во вторую привычку, затем в третью. И ждать не заставит себя долго ждать!

  1. Пейте много чистой воды. Обязательно иметь стакан сразу после пробуждения и один стакан воды перед каждым приемом пищи (в течение 15-20 минут). Люди часто путают жажду с желанием поесть. Проведите этот эксперимент: если вы хотите есть, пейте воду, если через десять минут вы все еще хотите есть, тогда самое время есть. Ориентировочная норма воды составляет 30 миллилитров на 1 кг веса (чай, кофе, соки не в счет!). Пищевая ценность воды составляет 0 ккал.
  2. Increase the protein in your diet (meat, eggs, fish, cottage cheese, kefir, cheeses, nuts, cereals, beans, and more). Foods with high protein content help you not feel hungry for a long time. High calorie high protein meals, meats and more, higher protein cheese, yogurt protein shake.
  3. Avoid simple carbohydrates for at least 3 days: bread, cookies, pasta, cakes, sweets, pies, sweet drinks and beer. At least keep their consumption to a minimum. Only 3 days, and the number on the scales will be less!
  4. After 4 PM, eat only low-fat protein (lean meat, poultry, eggs, fish and seafood) and green vegetables. Do not suffer from hunger after 6 PM, the last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  5. Eat only when you are truly hungry! All the same experiment with water: take a few SIPS of clean water, you will see that you want to eat less. Eat only at the 3rd level of hunger (1 = not hungry, 2 = will eat if food / snack is offered, 3 = hungry, 4 = hungry-it is difficult to slow down) If the feeling of hunger does not let go for 20-30 minutes, eat.
  6. Instead of regular juice, drink H2Orange (1 ounce of pure orange juice per 7 ounces of pure water). In this way, you will reduce the amount of sugar consumed, which is contained in the fruit. It’s naturally slim orange juice
  7. Love it and don’t miss Breakfast! The degree of satiety and activity for the whole day depends on it. Porridge, omelets, whole-grain bread sandwiches-there are many options. Find your own favorite breakfast!
  8. Think about your snack between main meals and always keep the right products at hand: any fruit, vegetables, dairy products, smoothies, nuts, seeds, berries. Put away the candy and cookies!
  9. Don’t want to count calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates? Reduce your usual portion: put as much food on your plate as you eat at one meal, and immediately put back at least a third of it. And another secret: replace your plates with smaller ones.
  10. Replace your sweet tea with unsweetened coffee with sugar, milk or cream – with black coffee without additives. These drinks themselves contain almost no calories.
  11. Eat slowly, chewing each piece carefully. Between bites, place a spoon or fork on the edge of the plate until you chew the food. This way you will feel full faster and will not overeat too much.
  12. Don’t forget about physical activity! Find the type of activity that will appeal to you: walking, running, swimming, yoga. Start small: 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes.
  13. Make it a rule: do not finish eating for your children and try food during cooking. An inconspicuous spoonful of porridge, a piece of cookie, or a banana can add up to 200 unnecessary calories per day!
  14. Get enough sleep! At least 8 hours of sleep will save you from overeating during the next day! It has long been proven that a person who has not slept enough often eats high-calorie food to make up for the lack of energy.
  15. Go to the store correctly! Make a list of products in advance; make purchases strictly on the list. Eat before going to the store! So you will save yourself from the desire to buy and immediately eat something high-calorie.
  16. Don’t get distracted while eating! Watching e-mail, watching TV, reading books leads to mechanical absorption of food. You look at your plate less, don’t feel the taste of food – and as a result, you eat much more.
  17. Eliminate fried, smoked, and breaded food! Steam, grill, bake, boil, and simmer without adding oil! We don’t need extra calories!
  18. Give up alcohol! As a rule, alcoholic beverages are quite high in calories. But even more harm is caused by the quantity and quality of food eaten after drinking alcoholic beverages.
  19. Find like-minded people! Try not to communicate with people who are fans of diets.
  20. Do not repeat such negative phrases to yourself: “I’m fat”, “I’m a glutton”! Love yourself and your body! And you will get ideal shape weight loss results.


Benefits And Harms Of Weight Loss


The effect of fasting on the body

Slimness is good for many reasons. Obesity and excess weight put a great strain on the heart and spine, and the liver suffers — its cells degenerate into fat and stop functioning. However, the process of weight loss can be risky, especially if a person who has never restricted himself in food suddenly begins to starve or drink “magic” teas and pills with a suspicious composition. Weight loss without harm to health is possible, but you need to follow some rules. Otherwise, after a strict diet, the weight will quickly return, and the state of health will only worsen.

Многие мечтают быстро похудеть, сбросить 20 кг за пару месяцев. Однако этот показатель очень опасен для организма. Человек может набрать до 3 кг жира, остальное – просто вода. Безопасная скорость похудения одинакова.